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The CycloneDx SBOM Format - Guest: Steve Springett
Episode 14th April 2023 • daBOM • DJ Schleen
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I'm DJ Schleen and welcome to daBOM. 

I'm on a journey to demystify Software Bill of Materials and on this podcast I'll be investigating technical, regulatory, and practitioner stories in and around the SBOM and -BOM movement. 

Along the way you'll meet the people and teams responsible for creating and maintaining the various Software Bill of Materials formats, and we'll also dig deep into all types of Bill of Materials including SBOMs, SaSSBoms, IBOMs and any other type of -BOM that you may have heard about. 

If you're interested in software security, the software supply chain, and want to know what's in your software, you're in the right place.

On today's episode, I'll be talking to Steve Springett from the CycloneDX project about the CycloneDX format, SBOM specification.