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The Ripple Effects of Deconstruction On Our Relationships
Episode 717th September 2023 • Touchy Subjects Podcast • Erin Billings
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In this episode, we delve deep into the world of deconstruction and how it affects our relationships and support systems. Our guests, Rebecca Lynn, Erin Watson Mohr, and Julie Tran, share their personal journeys through deconstruction and the impact it has had on their lives. From family dynamics to finding a new sense of community, we explore the multifaceted aspects of this transformative process.

We Discussed:

  • Deconstruction's Impact on Relationships
  • The Role of Support Systems
  • The Impact on Children
  • Finding Community and Creating Safe Spaces
  • Prioritizing Self-Care

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About our Guests:

Rebecca Lynn (RebL) is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, writer, coach, and leadership expert. She currently runs her own coaching practice where she works with individuals, families, and teams to become more emotionally aware, increase their self-awareness, and to break out of the roles they take on based on societal expectations and individual limiting beliefs, especially when those cause harm. Rebecca is especially passionate about helping women see themselves through the lens of trauma, social pressures, and their own self-imposed expectations so they can emerge as their most authentic, whole self. Rebecca Lynn loves speaking to teams about team dynamics and communication, and the value of vulnerability and holding space. She also loves bringing awareness to groups and organizations about the presence and impacts of trauma on individuals and the team.

Erin Watson Mohr was a pastor for 20 years serving the church in many ways, though her main focus was music ministry, youth and young adults and associate pastor where she developed and oversaw prophetic ministry. Erin is currently a life coach serving her clients through her own organic model of holistic healing. She has two daughters and lives on a little hobby farm near Winnipeg Canada.

Julie Tran is a former executive in the commercial real estate industry turned Compassionate Communication Marriage Coach. She works with modern, success driven women and mentors them in mastering the art and skill of compassionate communication. Her soul mission is to empower women to become powerful, courageous, feminine leaders, so that they can lead their marriage to peace and paradise, without couples therapy.