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The comprehensive SEO software platform that every marketer should have - with Lukasz Zelezny
Episode 128th May 2020 • Martech Stacked • ContentCal
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Joining us for the first episode of Martech Stacked is a man who first started working in the field of SEO in the year 2000. Since then he’s headed-up the SEO for several large organisations, spoken at over 100 international marketing events, and he now runs a successful SEO agency based in London - Lukas Zelezny from SEO.London.

Here are the 3 top tools in Lukasz’s current martech stack:

#1: SEMrush

Comprehensive SEO software platform

#2: PipeDrive

Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

#3 equal: SigParser and Gmelius

SigParser finds contact details from your emails and Gmelius lets you share your Gmail Inbox with your team

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