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Pain: Your Body's Natural Alarm System and How To Manage It with Dr. Ted Jacobs
Episode 19th July 2020 • Natural Green Living • Dr. Ted Jacobs and Silvia Yoshida
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This episode is sponsored by Bioadaptives and the product Pluripain.

Whether constant, chronic, or intense, pains are signs of imbalances in the body that have triggered inflammation. That inflammation is a triggered response of your immune system designed to heal the area that has become imbalanced. Since most pain is caused by inflammation and is a response of your immune system, people can relieve pain gently and effectively through targeted immune support and naturally-induced inflammation reduction. 

In this episode, host Silvia Yoshida talks with Dr. Ted Jacobs about the origins of pain, how the body produces pain, and when to view pain as a positive signal of the body. They also discuss how pain is evaluated, including the difference between acute and chronic pain. 

Dr. Edward E. Jacobs, Jr. (Dr. Ted), a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Medical school, is a biotechnology consultant with over 25 years experience in biopharmaceutical and medical device development, as well as, 35 years of teaching and direct patient care. Dr. Ted has participated in drug development process from discovery through animal and human studies, including regulatory support for FDA and international regulatory affairs, strategic planning and investor relations.

This episode is sponsored by Bioadaptives. Bioadaptives is a natural supplements company that focuses on research and development and the creation of natural products that support optimal health and wellness. Since 2014, BioAdaptives®, has been engaged in the research of primitive cells, including stem cells and their derivatives, and natural ingredients which may promote their activities. 

In this episode, host Silvia Yoshida and Dr. Ted Jacobs discuss: 

  • The science of pain
  • Nerve activation and the brain
  • How pain is a helpful alarm signal in the body
  • How re-establishing balance in the body is the key to relieving pain
  • Why all pains aren’t signals of a problem in the body
  • How pain, inflammation, and the immune system are related

Additional Resources: 

  1. The Natural Science of Pain: Free ebook download
  2. Bioadaptives Free Sample of the Pluripain Natural Supplement:

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