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Student Success Story: Part Time Freelancing & Teaching with Brittany Schwartz
Episode 2467th August 2023 • Freelancer to CEO • Aubree Malick | Virtual Assistant
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Discover Brittany Schwartz's inspiring journey from teacher to successful part-time freelancer! Through the guidance of "The Prep," - my freelancing course, Brittany found the confidence to pursue her passion for writing, landing her first client and establishing a thriving freelancing business. Her story is a testament to the possibilities that await when determination and the right resources come together!

Join me for today’s episode as we talk about: 

  • Brittany's teaching journey and the challenges she faced.
  • The turning point that led her to freelancing.
  • How she built confidence and landed her first client.
  • The game-changing role of "The Prep" freelancing course.
  • Brittany's advice to aspiring freelancers - powerful and practical!

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