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How Branding and Storytelling Intersect in Today's Business Landscape: A Deep Dive with Neal Foard
Episode 529th June 2023 • THE AMPLIFII PODCAST • René Rodriguez
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“Storytelling is the art form through which we express to one another that we’re all in this together and we’re not alone.”

In this riveting episode, we explore the fascinating intersection of branding and storytelling in the contemporary business landscape with storytelling maestro, Neal Foard.

At one point, Neal was named one of the top 10 most decorated creative directors in the world and has worked with brands that we all know and love. We dive deep into the importance of narratives in fostering connection and promoting a sense of shared experience - the foundation of the human condition. Through the lens of 'convergent validity', a principle that validates the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences, we examine how effectively told stories can inspire, evoke emotion, and ultimately drive brand success.

Additionally, using the intriguing analogy of 'why zebras have stripes', we offer insights into how branding, like nature, can leverage distinctiveness for survival and growth. Join us as we unpack these themes, challenging conventional wisdom and offering fresh, impactful perspectives. Don't miss out on this intellectual feast that merges business, storytelling, and the power of narratives.

Episode Resources:

My Suit Doesn’t Care

Episode highlights:

03:20 - My Suit Doesn’t Care video

06:00 - Community is the Answer, What’s the Question?

09:30 - The Ancient Power of Stories

17:00 - René’s logo discussion

26:00 - Telling Stories is the easiest, most efficient, most pleasant way to spread influence

31:00 - The effect of social media on adolescents

36:45 - As a Leader, can you show your fear?

42:40 - Why Zebras have stripes

47:00 - The key to creativity in an organization is creating a safe environment

58:20 - What do people say about you when no one is looking?

1:04:45 - The Brilliance of Comedians

1:14:30 - @nealfoard

1:18:20 - AMPCON 2023 in Dallas