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What is it in the Womb?
10th December 2019 • Andrew Rappaport's Daily Rapp Report • Andrew Rappaport
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Rapp Report Daily 462 What is it in the Womb? One of the key things, when we look at the issue of abortion, is to ask the question, what is it? What is it that is within the womb? Is it just a blob of tissue or is it human life? That is the essential thing that has to be answered in the debate on abortion, and yet you will often find is the one thing that most support abortion do not want to answer according to science. Why? Because the science is not on their side. What you have at conception is the forming of another human being. Now, it is in a smaller form, true, but it does not mean that that person is less of a person just because of their size. Size does not determine whether someone is human or not, or are smaller people less human? No. That would not be true. The fact that they are in a womb does not define whether they're human or not. The location should not make a difference. They are not suddenly human the moment they come out of the womb. What you end up seeing is that child in the womb has a completely separate DNA from the mother and could even have a different sex than the mother. It is a completely different person. So we look at this, we look at two arguments that we can make, size does not matter and the environment does not matter. The science shows that they are a different person, with different DNA. So you have to ask, what is it that is in the womb? If it is a person you do not murder it. This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resources Listen to other podcasts on the Christian Podcast Community: Support Striving for Eternity at Please review us on iTunes Give us your feedback, email us Like us on Facebook at Join the conversation in our Facebook group at Watch subscribe to us on YouTube at Get the book What Do They Believe at Get the book What Do We Believe at




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