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Decoding Academia: Chris on Religion & Ritual *Patreon Sample*
Bonus Episode23rd November 2021 • Decoding the Gurus • Christopher Kavanagh and Matthew Browne
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It had to happen eventually.

As Matt and Chris listen week in and week out to the world's greatest gurus pontificating on the mysteries of the universe, it's only natural that the siren call of Galaxy Brain takes and revolutionary theories would prove too great.

And so seeking to take advantage of the parasocial bonds they have scrupulously cultivated (and signal their value to the University of Austin) they are launching a new Patreon bonus series on 'Decoding Academia'.

The first two instalments covering Matt & Chris' work & main research interests will be freely available to all. But for the deeper arcane knowledge that only true free thinkers would dare behold, you will need to smash through our Patreon 'Strategic Economic Barrier' or SEB.

In this episode, Chris discusses the cognitive and evolutionary relevance of religion (what is it?, why is it?, and what is it good for?), rituals (what are they? why do we do them? and why are there painful ones?!?), & Gods (why do we care about them? Do we need them for religion).

So take a breather from the culture war and enjoy some light academic waffle!

We will be back on Friday this week with a full guru episode on Brene Brown!