Building Healthy Financial Habits & Principles for Future Generations
Episode 1833rd April 2023 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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What financial advice would you give to your younger self or your children?

In this episode, I’ll discuss principles for teaching young people about money. These include paying oneself first, not spending more than one makes, investing early and frequently, never stop learning, and managing debt effectively. It is very important to have open conversations with family members about money and building a healthy relationship with it.

Build healthy financial habits and ensure that future generations are equipped to make informed financial decisions. Listen now!

Key Points:

[02:40] #1 Pay yourself first

[05:39] #2 Don’t spend more money than you make

[07:32] #3 Invest early

[09:54] #4 Never stop learning

[10:51] #5 Manage your debt

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