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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 182, 1st June 2021
How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Podcast and Create Viral Content with Andrea Jones
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How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Podcast and Create Viral Content with Andrea Jones

PDS #182

In this episode you will learn a ton of cool things from our guest, Andrea Jones, a  social media strategist and host of Savvy Social Podcast. Over the past months, we've seen a lot of changes in the social media landscape and how the pandemic has shifted our behaviors online. This became an opportunity to be able to use social media to grow your business and more specifically growing your business through podcasts. Be sure to listen to the end of this episode because truly, you will learn so much. 


In this episode:

- How she become the successful social media strategist that she is today

- How has the social media plane changed during the pandemic and how it is still evolving through 2021?

- The next step in building connections and relationships to your potential podcast listener, potential client or customer

- What is โ€œconnection contentโ€, and does it work on every platform 

- Why Andrea loves the algorithm of TikTok

- How can Tiktok be used for business, to connect potential clients and customers, from a marketing perspective?

- The process of transcribing episodes and turning it into posts for promotions.

- Tips to encourage people to listen to your podcast


- Transcription App:


- A free course to grow your business with a simple social media strategy: https://onlinedrea.com/free

Connect with Andrea Jones:

- Instagram: @onlinedrea

- Website: https://savvysocialschool.com/

- Podcast: https://onlinedrea.com/category/podcast/

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