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Russell Bentley: How to love running
Episode 17412th April 2023 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Russell Bentley is a runner from Great Britain. His marathon PB is 2h20, he also holds the Fastest Known Time for the Winter Paddy Buckley Round, despite being scared of the dark. But he oozes passion for running. Just what you need if you're a coach! And this interview is all about that passion, from finding the love of running, to saying no to Carbon shoes, from running with Kenyans to being out in the hills of Snowdonia. Whether you enjoy running or you've never quite got to grips with it, hang on in there and listen to this. Russell might just make you want to get your trainers on.

You'll hear:

12:00 How running gave Russell confidence at school

14:00 Why Russell went to Kenya as a 19/20 year old and the influence it's had on him 'the kenyans made running into some spiritual magical thing that I had never thought about before.

24:00 The importance of therapeutic runs - what they are and why you should bring them into your training

30:00 Some tips to start enjoy running and stop beating yourself up about it.

32:00 Tips for running a spring marathon

34:00 How to deal with race day nerves

35:00 The best Heckle Russell has ever had

36:00 Russell has some interesting thoughts on super (carbon plated) shoes

40:00 More on Russell's FKT Winter Paddy Buckley round. "Being in the mountains on your own for a full day strips you right down."

43:30 How Russell dealt with his fear of the dark during the night time parts of the Winter Paddy Buckley.

46:00 Tips for juggling a very physical job with trying to train. Russell worked as a builder while running at a high level for 3 years.

49:00 Dealing with getting older as a runner

52:00 Why Russell owes a 7 year old a Lambourgini

Find out more about this week's guest:

Russell Bentley Instagram

Russell Bentley website

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