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32: Future Of Work Special - COVID-19
22nd May 2020 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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This is a special episode featuring 5 guests, plus my own perspective on the future of work, given the current global pandemic we find ourselves in with COVID-19, the coronavirus. Fiona English shares in sights on the impact of this trauma which leads to a shift in perspective and a desire for change "how things are versus how we think they should be". Acceptance and choice is key here. Bernard Jackman talks about virtual meetings, how we have adapted quickly, and will continue to use these forms of communication. However, the importance of human interaction cannot be understated. Louise Goss shares insights on the increase in flexible working, how staff have shown that flexibility works, and the long term impact of flexible working and the opportunities it brings. Simon Haigh talks about the acceleration of trends, and that people will continue to work remotely. The new concept of screen fatigue from so many zoom calls! Good employers will focus on the mental health of employees. Purpose- and mission-driven businesses will thrive. Charlotte Lockhart from 4 Day Week shares how New Zealand is leading the way in the management of the impact of COVID-19 as well as flexible working, with Jacinda Ardern haven recently advocated for a 4 day week. It's important to keep people in work, and staff can use the extra time for ups killing, building their career or supporting their community. I share my own views on what I see as the opportunities for the future of work - focus more on outcomes, offering flexibility, supporting local and small businesses. Guest links: My social links:




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