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Creating The Ultimate Lead Magnet For Your Side Hustle
Episode 820th March 2023 • Side Checks • Amy Schmidt
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Dive into my fool-proof strategy for creating lead magnets inside your side hustle that are directly tied to your business goals and won’t leave you building an email list without an end game in mind. Learn to assess what your lead magnet goal is and how to create one accordingly. 

I’ll walk you through how your lead magnet can serve your audience for either general goals, building up your email list, or more specific goals, leading to a sale. This episode touches on creating a quality lead magnet, delivering your lead magnet through your email service provider, and post delivery email sequences that bring your goal full circle. 

In this episode, I walk through some of my lead magnet strategies using Flodesk for all of my email marketing. If you’re interested in trying Flodesk for your business, you can save 50% off your first year by signing up right here

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • What a lead magnet truly is and how it can grow your side hustle
  • How email marketing is king compared to social media and statistics that support the fact that email marketing is a stronger growth strategy for your business compared to social media
  • How growing and fueling your email list can ultimately lead to side hustle growth and how it begins with creating a strong lead magnet
  • Understanding lead magnet goals and how to create a lead magnet around your goals depending on if they are either general or specific
  • Lead magnet placement and post-delivery strategy
  • What to avoid when creating lead magnets for your side hustle

Links & Resources:

To get started creating your ultimate lead magnet for your side hustle, you can download my free lead magnet starter kit right here. Included inside the kit are lead magnet templates, strategy sheets, trackers, and email sequence planning. 


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