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#89 Marketing the game: 50 dynamic strategies for success
Episode 8912th September 2023 • Sports CDP Crash Course - Data Talks • Data Talks
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Welcome to another episode of our new series “Marketing the Game”, where we delve deeper into the world of sports marketing segmentation to help you better understand the strategies and techniques used to reach your target audience.

We’re presenting an extensive list of 50 dynamic segments that can elevate your ROI and drive profitability. Tune in to discover a diverse range of segments, from loyal season ticket holders to engaged social media followers, VIP box seat enthusiasts, and fans of specific players. Whether you’re targeting international supporters, collaborating with local schools, or engaging fitness enthusiasts, we’ve got you covered.

Uncover the power of catering to each segment’s unique interests and needs, and witness how personalized marketing can amplify engagement, loyalty, and your sports club’s success.

In no particular order:

  1. New Season Ticket Holders
  2. Season Ticket Renewals
  3. VIP Box Seat Holders
  4. Single Game Ticket Buyers
  5. Corporate Suite Clients
  6. Family Package Buyers
  7. Student Discount Ticket Buyers
  8. Group Ticket Buyers
  9. Fan Club Members
  10. Social Media Engagers
  11. Merchandise Buyers
  12. Online Store Browsers
  13. Email Subscribers
  14. App Users
  15. Mobile Ticket Users
  16. Concession Stand Purchasers
  17. Attendees of Special Events
  18. Away Game Travel Package Buyers
  19. International Fans
  20. Local Fans
  21. Fans of Specific Player(s)
  22. Youth Sports Program Participants
  23. School and College Partnerships
  24. Sponsors and Partners
  25. Members of Youth Organizations
  26. Birthday Package Buyers
  27. Senior Citizen Discount Ticket Buyers
  28. Fan Survey Respondents
  29. Contest and Giveaway Participants
  30. Non-Local Fans (Potential Travel Package Buyers)
  31. Fans Interested in Memorabilia
  32. Fans Interested in Autograph Sessions
  33. Fitness Enthusiasts (Gym or Health Club Collaborations)
  34. Charity and Community Event Participants
  35. Fans Interested in Game Day Experiences
  36. Fans Interested in Fan Engagement Apps
  37. Alumni of Local Schools/Colleges
  38. Subscribers to Premium Content (Podcasts, Video Series)
  39. Fantasy Sports Players
  40. Social Responsibility Supporters (Eco-Friendly Initiatives, etc.)
  41. Fans of Rival Teams (Promote Friendly Rivalry Events)
  42. Inactive Fans (Engagement Reactivation)
  43. Event Ticket Upgraders (From Regular to Premium Seating)
  44. Early Access Subscribers
  45. Fans with Seasonal Preferences (Summer vs. Winter Sports)
  46. Event Attendees with Children
  47. Fans Interested in Behind-the-Scenes Experiences
  48. Fans Interested in Player Meet-and-Greets