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Introducing Digital Touch Customer Success
Episode 2913th October 2021 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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During the last 18 months organizations have started to focus on introducing digital customer success strategies not only for their higher-paying customers but for the long tail of smaller buyers. One of the organizations that has done a great job in bringing this program to life is Sitecore. In today’s episode Global Vice President Customer Success and Renewals at Sitecore, Lara Barnes joins us to chat about their experiences implementing this new high digital touch customer success strategy, how they got everyone on board, and the way they’ve been iterating the original plan to suit companies in a better way. Listen now and learn how this huge company with thousands of customers is revolutionizing customer success through automation without losing the human touch. 

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(00:56) - Who is Lara Barnes and her work in CS at Sitecore - “There's been a huge investment in customer success since our CEO came in 12 months ago as he saw some of the really fantastic work that we're doing.”

(06:47) - Developing digital touch CSM: A scale data-driven model - “The digital strategy is built on the company's ability to capture and manage and take action on data. And that's the most important piece.”

(10:34) - An automated but also human-to-human onboarding - “It can't just be an automated onboarding, it has to be combined with human interaction, somebody calling them and taking them through an onboarding as well as providing them with different materials.”

(13:57) - The processes and management of customers on high digital touch - “We knew how we were going to measure ourselves and what indicators we're going to have in order to understand whether we are doing a decent job for those customers.”

(17:19) - Rethinking and pivoting the original plans - “We have a very clear understanding of what many of our customers are trying to achieve and where the gap is and what we need to fulfill.”

(20:03) - The importance of having the right tech available - “You've just helped us accelerate that journey in using Gainsight. It's all there. It's just how you want to use it.”


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