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The WFH Show - Kudos 28th April 2020
#6 - Tom Morin, Speaker & Author of Your Best Work
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#6 - Tom Morin, Speaker & Author of Your Best Work

Nikki’s guest is Tom Morin, a renowned speaker, writer, coach and consultant through his business, Work Feels Good. Tom talks about how leaders have more work than ever since their teams are working remotely. His (possibly counterintuitive) advice that is working for his clients is to cut back on scheduled meetings with team members. Instead, Tom suggests scheduling more informal “open door” times when the leader is available to members. He has other tips, including how to support the new kind of team members we see emerging in the WFH era, the “self-inspired" worker who needs less supervision and guidance. Listen to the podcast to get the whole story.   

Watch the Video Podcast: https://youtu.be/06kN8upsdR0