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The State Tax Show - BakerHosts | BakerHostetler EPISODE 97, 26th May 2020
California Rundown on State & Local Taxes
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California Rundown on State & Local Taxes

Matt Hunsaker runs through the latest state and local tax developments in California:

  • NOL limitations and other tweaks to address budget shortfalls
  • Emergency marketplace facilitator/seller regulations #wayfair
  • Legislative status of extending False Claims Act to tax claims
  • Proposition 13 property tax initiatives:
  • Family Home Protection and Fairness in Property Tax Reassessments Act
  • California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020
  • Disaster relief for California properties losing value due to COVID-19 stay home orders
  • Litigation on the supermajority requirement for special local taxes (San Francisco)

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