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Creating and Teaching Hand in Hand
12th May 2016 • The Thriving Artist • The Clark Hulings Foundation
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Working artists can be both student and teacher; this is the basic premise of Art Cantina, an online portal described as the of arts education. For Carolyn (Charlie) Bogusz and LaVonne Ewing, artists need a platform to market and brand their skills as potentially both experts and instructors. Meanwhile, students want easier access to arts education. Art Cantina allows students to find workshops in their local area and desired discipline, and helps them establish (if they wish) a teaching business to support their studio practice. Topics include:

Business Development

  • Marketing your own classes & finding students
  • Why the art world needs its own Airbnb or
  • Pricing your work and pricing your classes
  • From selling expertise to selling art online

Disruption, Connections, and Silos

  • The “starving artist” stigma and alternative income sources
  • The stigma of online art markets

Continuing Arts Education

  • The working artist as student
  • Art schools vs. informal arts education
  • LaVonne Ewing
  • Learning and marketing vs. creating and studio time
  • Knowledge sharing amongst professionals & the elevation of artwork through study

Art Cantina is a natural partnership for the Clark Hulings Fund: We equip artists to up their business game through education, introductions, tools, and critical project funding, but there is no business without a well-crafted product. For more information on how you can hone your craft and build your business through skills-based workshops, check out



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