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How to embrace you and attract your people with Kierra Jones
Episode 24216th May 2022 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Kierra Jones who is an International Visibility & Sales Mindset Coach, Brand Messaging & Monetization Consultant, Speaker, & Amazon Best-Selling Author. Kierra helps women coaches, consultants, speakers, and trainers with service, speaking, and expert based businesses and personal brands expand their mindset and message to elevate their visibility, attract aligned clients, and amplify how they package, position, & profit their expertise. We talk all about the thoughts we have as business owners, messaging and how to use it in your marketing.  


  • We have to believe it ourselves before someone else can.
  • You can still understand the value of yourself and charge less.
  • Energetic enrolment – people see you talking about something and how you believe in it and want to step into that themselves.
  • You need to tap into what you want to express out into the world and through your work – then think about who this serves.
  • Who do you feel most called to help to serve? “This is the ideal client I support”.
  • What is the deeper transformation that you can help with?
  • Stop apologising for how you want to do something and just be you!
  • Own your way and people will be magnetised to that.
  • You are amazing – embrace your genius.
  • It’s okay not to be everything to everyone.
  • Go be great in the thing that calls you!


There is always going to be someone who can do something better than you, but there is always going to be someone who can’t do something as well as you.


  • How Kierra became a visibility and sales mindset coach
  • Mindset shifts as a business owner
  • How to appreciate your value
  • Could vs called


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Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing? So do you ever sit there and think they're gonna find me out. Who on earth who I think I am. I joke. I blank stuff all the time. Cause then if I say a blanket, then it kind of just makes out like, while if I get it wrong, I get it wrong.

It's fine. I think if you are running your own business, you have so many of these words in your head. I'm trying to feel confident about what you're doing, trying to really own who you are and your space and what you're good at. I think it's really hard or can be really hard. And I know for a long time, I didn't feel like that.

I didn't feel like I knew what I was good at or even if I had an inclination of, I thought I knew what I was good at. I didn't want to tell anybody and I didn't want to go, do you know what? I'm actually brilliant at this? Check me out. Because we don't like to do that. So today on the podcast, I have the very lovely Kierra Jones. And we are talking all about those messages that are in our head, the voices that are in our head that talk about.

You know that we're not good enough and who do we think we are? And we talk about how sometime our superpower is actually given to us as a negative thing. And both her and I tell stories about actually how that happens to us in terms of, you know, We were told for a long time that the thing that has actually turned out to be our superpower was a bad thing.

So, and then talking about how do we take all of these things and how do we then use them in marketing. How do we then use them to find the right people and work with the right people so that we're in our zone of genius. It's a really great conversation. She's really fantastic to talk to. And I think you're going to get a huge amount from it.

So let me tell you who Kierra is. Kierra Jones is an International Visibility & Sales Mindset Coach, Brand Messaging & Monetization Consultant, Speaker, & Amazon Best-Selling Author. She has coaching programs, courses and mentorship, and speaking helps women get the Messaging, monetization and mindset they need to show, speak and sell more powerfully, purposefully and profitably.

She is passionate about helping women stop undervaluing their expertise and giving it away for pennies! Specifically, Kierra helps women and coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers with services, speaking and expert based business, personal brands and their mindset message to elevate their visibility, attract aligned clients and amplify how they package position and profit their expertise.

She's great. I think you're going to get a lot from it. If anything, you're just going to come out of it, feeling like totally empowered. And you want to take on the world. I can't wait to see what you think of it.

It's my absolute pleasure today to welcome to the podcast Kierra Jones. Kierra how are you doing?

Kierra: I am awesome. Thank you for having me. I'm excited.

Teresa: My pleasure. My pleasure. So you will last a very long day of podcasts. So I pray to goodness that I am still like, you know, I'd have the, do you know what happens? I don't know about you, but like, even when you feel tired, the minute I'm on, I'm like, boom. And I'm it's fine. I will walk out of here. My husband will talk to me and I don't want him to talk to me. He's like finally seeing you, you're laughing. You're having fun. So, yeah. Yeah. But now I, now I want to be quiet. Like you.

Kierra: I can totally resonate. I think that really just goes back to the power of the work that we do and why, you know, really stepping into your zone of genius.

It's like, It's this it's just a part of your identity and that your business, isn't your identity. Like I went into this like space, um, couple of years ago where it was like, I had the transformation of how I thought about my work. It was like, it's not actually a business. It's actually like, I'm just showing up, doing the things that I already do.

So that's why I can easily go on a call. We talked about this. I completely just came from the gym from brunch. And it was like, you know, literally two minutes ago. Let my daughter out, I'm upstairs and it's like bam, we're on, you know, and it's just, it's really beautiful actually to me. And I think there's such power for more of us women to embrace that.

We think that we need to show up away, or we need to be something else that we need to add something on. And it's actually like, no, it's actually the easiest parts of us. And then you just need those moments where you recharge and now you're able to be present to husband, partner, children whomever, you know, uh, else you need to be present to including yourself.

Um, so yeah, I think that's a part of, to me, why it comes so easy of just realizing it's, it's literally just like me being me and, um, yeah, just need to, I need to recharge before I let you, you know come in.

Teresa: Yeah you're right. And I think when it's something you love, even if you're feeling tired, even if you're like, it's been a long day, I've worked really hard and all those things it's still like, but I love it.

So that helps massively. But Kierra it's so good to have you on. We're going to talk about such cool things, but first of all, I'd like you to just take a moment to introduce yourself to my audience and let them know how you got to do what you do today.

Kierra: Yeah, I'll try to make it short. Uh, so my name is Kierra Jones, also known as the shine strategist, and I'm all about helping women of impact shine, more powerfully in their genius.

We give our genius away for pennies. We undersell it. We under uh, message it as I like to say. And so my focus is really helping women with the mindset and the messaging they need to show up, speak and sell more powerfully so that we can create the lives that we want in full alignment with who we're here to be.

So how I got into this work? Woo man, I, you know, I tell my clients I've been coaching since I was seven. I have, I understand that like, that's a part of my identity. I've always been on who thought deeper. My uncle would tell me, like, you think too deep, or like in fifth grade, my teacher, Ms. Matthew, she would say like, Kierra's always asking why, but she loved it.

The kids didn't. So I always was in this space where I wanted to ask deeper questions and, um, you know, now I joke with my uncle, you know, I'm like "Well, I get paid thousands of dollars to ask deeper questions and to speak and to, you know, do all these things that I thought used to be weird. And I was too much and I was too extra or maybe I wasn't enough and all that."

So a part of me, one is like this, this has literally been a part of me. I just didn't know that I could actually get paid for this. And this was like a thing. This wasn't an option on the majors in college. So, you know, I did the whole, like. You know, raised by a single mother. I did the whole like okay. To be successful, go to college.

So I went to college, I got to that corporate career. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, the first to work in corporate America. Um, I was making more money than my parents at the age of 19 already. So it was it, you know, there was, this shifted me of like, oh, okay. So I am successful now I've went to college.

I graduated early and I got it. And I worked for a Fortune 500 Company. And, you know, Teresa, I had this moment where I was managing a $5 million territory. I was 20 something years old. I was often the only woman on my team. Always the only black person on my team. And, um, you know, I had moved several times every like 13 to 19 months cause I was a sales consultant.

And um, you know, I had this moment where in 2014, my company was going through a reorg and uh, I had already had these like feelings in me where I knew something was all off. And I was that like annoying girlfriend where at cocktails, you're like, this is what happened to me at work today. And this is what and they're like "Kierra we don't want to talk about work." I loved what I did. There was this moment where I felt out of love with it. Once I started realizing how much of what I call my shine, I was giving away. It felt like, wow, you know, here's this 5 million dollar territory. I grew by double digits, you know, fast forward I had took a demotion in 2013-14 to get back to the east coast because I was living in the Midwest at the time.

And I'm from Jersey. And I was like, man, I'm I kinda missed my family. And so, you know, getting into this space where, you know, I had on paper, like here's the top things I've done with my clients. And, uh, you know, I remember my, my management team saying, "Okay great." You know, but HR says that for us to talk about a promotion, you know, you need to be here for 12 months.

So there was this moment of like, so I'm performing like this, but I need to wait for this timeline. And it was kind of like, uh, like something happened in that No, or that like, you need to wait. And it was like, "But y'all, don't wait for me to go to work and do my job and you know everything." And it wasn't this like, oh, I'm in my ego.

This is what I do. It was black and white. You know, I had my largest client at the time, reach out to my management team, like, oh my gosh, she's the best consultant that we've had. Again, youngest person on my team, only black person at that time. I was the only woman. So it lit this fire in me that like, when did I be, I'm the first person to go to college in my family.

I'm like, you know, I've done things in my life where I was the first of so many things. When did I become this person who had to wait for someone to tell me and give me permission? So 2014, I came home. I had this mirror and this moment in the mirror, and I had like mascara, drippy nose was running all the things, but I had this ugly cry, this beautiful, ugly cry.

Of like, who am I? And in that moment, I didn't know what it was or what I would do, but in 2014, in that moment, I said, I'm going to do something that helps me step into me, even if it's like on the side while I still work. So fast forward, I was introduced to the online space and I had a product-based business at the time of jewelry boutique, an online accessory boutique.

And I hired a coach and I remember our first session. I was like, this is what a coach does. This is what I do as a consultant. There's some differences, but this is pretty much what I do every day, you know, for my job. And more and more, I had like style clients who would tell, like, I would give them little sales tips and everything like, "Ooh, thank you Kierra."

Or like, you know, it would shift their confidence around how they would show up in video when, when they're speaking on stages, because I worked with entrepreneurs from a style perspective and it was like, "Kierra you're really great with this. But like, when you share with me this sales or messaging tip or this. It really is amazing. Like you're sure you're on the right thing."

And I have my own limiting beliefs of like, well, I do that for my day job. Do I really make a business out of that? And you know, it took that year, but finally, so that was 2015, 2016 was when I was like, okay, it won't leave my head.

People keep telling me, like, I need to at least try this. And I went, full-time 2016 as well. And haven't, haven't looked back since, so that's whole life.

Teresa: Amazing. I loved it. I loved it. That's a great story. Really, really good. and it's really like, that's pretty interesting that the corporate thing that like that confinements of no, you're not at that point yet.

No, but I'm doing all the right things. You know, and, and giving that to someone else and going get that's their decision as to how successful I am. And so like coming into your own and doing your own. And I remember I never wanted my own business ever. Like it never crossed my mind that I was leaving my current role because thing, few things had happened and I decided I need to leave.

I need to go somewhere else. And I thought to myself, oh, I'll, I'll get another job easy. Like, I'm really good at what I do. I do marketing. I've done it for a long time. I'm really good at this stuff. And a joke was coming. And I was like, oh, because I was quite an extensive results. And then I started to look at my role where I bought in all this money for the business.

And I've thought of what if I could do that for me, like, you know, I was building their business by, you know, a hundred thousand whatever. And I thought, well, what if I sold me and got that? And then suddenly it kind of hit me. I could do this. So tell me about those early days. Like how was it first though?

Because one thing, like one thing that is the key thing that I didn't realize straight off the bat, I thought I've got to be amongst and I've done it all these years. I'm very good at what I do. This'll be easy, like stupidly thought this could be easy. Didn't for one second think anything about mindset and the impact that that might have on me, my business, my success, how I show up what I do, what I charge, like didn't think about that.

So, how were you in those early days?

Kierra: Yeah, mindset wise. I feel that when you were first starting out there definitely is that imposter that comes up. That like, even in the moment I show with my story, I do this for a job. I get paid a salary to do this. You're telling me I can go make a program in a package and put a price on it.

And other people, like not the people, not HR, like not my job, but other people would pay me for this? Like, there is a mind shift that I feel happens of like I could pick what that price is going to be like, you know, I used to say this joke. Hmm. I want to raise. Okay. I'm going to change my price. And I don't have to go and ask HR.

I don't have to go ask my management team. I don't need to go give you this long list of accomplishments. Nope. I decided I wanted to do it. I'm doing it. So I feel that there was this, that was one shift I had to make was like, oh, I actually it's so interesting. The moment when you see it happen for clients, especially when I used to coach entrepreneurs who were in their earlier stages more, it was so beautiful to see that permission that was granted.

So I would say that was one thing for me of like the permission that like you get to do this and letting go of that imposter of like, I'm not doing anything wrong, there's nothing wrong that I'm, that I'm doing here. Uh, the second thing I would say is actually around messaging. And I talk about messaging every day, all day, but it's, I look at messaging so much deeper than what are the words I'm putting on a paper.

What's the words I'm putting in a video or on a post email, all that stuff is so much deeper. It's actually deeply connected to you expressing, right? And so really that's to me, what's happening with sales and what's with messaging it's you expressing your value, but in order for you to not only just express it, but embody it.

You need to believe, like you need to know very much hell. I'm like, oh, I've been in coach since I was seven. I just get paid for it now. I just didn't know I could get charged for it now. Like, it's like, you need to know this is who I am. This is what I do. This is what the heck I know it does for you. And here's, you know how I think how I know it's going to help you.

Are you ready to move forward in that? And obviously there's more to it of like, just being able to position that offer or, you know, your expertise, your zone of genius, whatever it is, but there's this expression. And this embodiment that I feel early on, I have seen so many clients, even women who are any, you know, make low for low to mid four figures in their business.

Like you could be making $5,000 a month and still be in this space of like, I don't know, I have a client who's at, you know, 10 K a month and she's, you know, it's like, you've made $10,000 every month. You know, this year,...




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