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S5 Ep 2 - Healing From Traumatic Experiences & Emotional Eating
Episode 220th April 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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In this episode of The 411 Live, host Beverly Taylor chats with Bridgett Wilder, CEO of Perseverance Health and Wellness Nutrition Consultation Services LLC, who is a widowed mother of nine children, dietitian, author and motivational speaker.

Wilder is an exceptional woman who was dealt a huge storm since she was young. Bridgett Wilder shares her story of finding herself throughout taxing life milestones from an early marriage and to the loss of a husband and a child to single parenthood and homelessness.

“I was still an insecure 15 year old that had been raped trapped in the body of what now is a mother and a wife.”

How does one make the Dean’s list while homeless and raising ten children? How does one lose 170 pounds and reduce emotional eating at the same time? Bridgett Wilder has not only come out on top stronger, but wiser and more powerful than she’s ever been. More importantly, she’s helping others achieve their better selves.

Dive into this episode to hear Bridgett Wilder reveal how “tragedies can lead to triumph.”

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