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Ep. 16 - Brandon Cooke - Drummer/Audio Engineer!
Episode 1631st August 2021 • Gig Stories with Music People • Evan Mykl Chudnow
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A podcast for musicians, music lovers, and anyone who loves a good story! In-depth discussions about the music industry & gig life with a variety of musicians & creatives from all over the world!


Ep. 16 - Brandon Cooke

Brandon has been in LA for a while now but is heading for greener pastures in Austin, Texas with his band The Blood Moon Howlers to record their new record and have a central home base to tour from @thebloodmoonhowlers. He’s also in the psychedelic funk band Paracosmic @paracosmicfunk, both bands I highly recommend checking out!

Some former associated acts include The Rebel Light, Evan Hatfield, Willow Stephens, & Runson Willis III. Brandon also has some engineering credits with Glass Animals, Kamasi Washington, Chad Smith, Josh Freeze and many others. Check out @funknastycooke for more about Brandon.

He also has his own podcast where he and his cousin speak about their life experiences and growth through plant medicines, meditation, exercise, diet and how it all plays a vital role in relationships and everyday life, @cookecollective


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