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WIS Morning Show: Psychological Safety: Organizational Trust and Belonging.
19th January 2021 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Join us for Episode Three, as we discuss Psychological Safety. We dive into talking about organizational trust and belonging with guest Louisa A. (Nolte) Nara at AIChE. We are going to look at how can we build up trust and assess if our work groups are in fact safe and healthy workspaces for each employee.

Our tribe is growing! This week we have Donna CleatonLorenzo VisentinSylvia Marusyk and Louise Hosking are co-hosting our morning show with me today!

Our Hosts:

Donna Cleaton Group EHS Manager at Arriva Group

Lorenzo Visentin Group Head of Environment, Health, Safety & Security at Arriva Group

Sylvia Marusyk Founder of MindBody Works

Louise Hosking Owner of Hosking Associates.

This series of five podcasts will raise the awareness of diversity at work and how this impacts the safety of women in the workplace by focusing on:

  • Episode One: The total mental load and the unpaid shift, which disproportionately affects women with our Guest Sylvia Marusyk Founder of MindBody Works.
  • Episode Two: Stress experience and coping, which differs for men and women with Guest Louise Hosking Owner of Hosking Associates.
  • Episode Three: Organisational trust and belonging with guest Louisa A. (Nolte) Nara Global Technical Director, Center for Chemical Process Safety at AIChE
  • Episode Four: The lack of sex differentiated safety data and it’s impact on safety law makers.
  • Episode Five: The role of leadership in change.

Our Guest:

 Louisa A. (Nolte) Nara is the Global Technical Director, Center for Chemical Process Safety at AIChE.

Louisa strives to improve safety and operating efficiency, reduce risk, enhance security, support ethics and provide for a cleaner, healthier and sustainable environment for the industries she serves, her community, her country and her world.

More than 40 years of experience in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, most notably in the area of Process / Operational Safety, Risk Management, Security, Crisis Management and Emergency Response throughout North America, Latin America, China, India, Singapore and Europe.