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Teeth Cleaning London
14th July 2022 • Forest & Ray Dentists • Forest & Ray - Dentists, Orthodontists, Implant Surgeons
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Teeth Cleaning London


If you refuse to visit the dentist, even following the most extensive and cautious at-home oral health regimen will leave the mouth with trace amounts of bacteria. Even if you floss and rinse with mouthwash every day, the roots of your teeth beneath the gum line will collect germs that cause tooth decay, periodontitis, and other dental issues.

Expert dental cleansing is needed every half a year as an oral health and preventative procedure booster. The best you can do is to see an oral hygienist near you to get appropriate guidance on maintaining excellent oral health!

An expert health treatment or deep cleaning entails the hygienist cleaning out the food fragments, plaque, or solidified tartar from the tooth surfaces and gaps. It also involves root planing and scaling, where the dental professional will get rid of the built-up gunk from the gum line and avoid the future development of cavities by getting rid of the cavity agents. This session is connected to an oral cancer screening and an assessment session in case the client requires additional oral treatments.

Usually, our patients consider their teeth cleaning session an investment, saving them much money in the future. Our oral hygienist advises a regular twice-a-year hygiene appointment to avoid expensive and painful dental treatments in the future.

Airflow hygiene sessions and teeth whitening have the benefit of being the most gentle approach to teeth lightening. However, it is also highly effective at eliminating stains and plaque from tooth surfaces. The Airflow device uses a high-powered stream of salt water, air, and bicarbonate to eliminate stains from the impacted teeth. The result resembles a scale and polish session, where the polishing makes the teeth' surface area genuinely smooth. The treatment does not harm the tooth enamel (our hygiene service includes careful tidying). After the polishing, plaque will not have the ability to stick to your enamel.

We recommend this treatment regularly to anyone who smokes or drinks coffee or tea.

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