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Unexpected (ENT S1 E05)
18th June 2024 • The Joy of Trek • Kay, Khaki and Greg
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Unexpected (Star Trek: Enterprise, S1 E05) was recommended by Hoofburd, he/him, who said:

I would really like to hear from the writer/s if they knew that mpreg was an actual thing on certain password-protected tumblrs before they wrote this episode.

This one goes in the pot because I *didn’t* see it, at least not at first. I was watching on original broadcast, I was 10, and were only a few episodes in before one of the Cub Scout dads (very conservative bunch, my family/scout troop) mentions something hyperbolic about not letting his family watch the show anymore. I then didn’t see that episode myself and didn’t think anything of it, but then some eleven years later, I started watching the series start to finish, and found out that the reason why I didn’t remember this one was hilarious.

Unexpected first aired on October 17, 2001, written by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga, and directed by Mike Vejar

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