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328 | "16 Hour Work Days" with Lubo Smid of STRV
Episode 32831st January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. 🌟 Balancing Persistence and Adaptability: Emphasizing the crucial balance between steadfast dedication to business goals and the flexibility to pivot when necessary.
  2. 🌟 The Role of Health in Entrepreneurship: Highlighting the journey towards integrating personal well-being into a successful business lifestyle.
  3. 🌟 Diverse Mentorship for Growth: Sharing insights on the importance of engaging with a range of mentors to enrich and diversify the entrepreneurial experience.

Lubo Smid, CEO of STRV, shares his experiences and lessons learned from over a decade in entrepreneurship. Lubo emphasizes the crucial balance between persistence and the ability to pivot. He acknowledges that while persistence is key to achieving goals, being open to changing course when facing a dead end is equally important. Lubo candidly discusses his journey, including the challenges of maintaining enthusiasm for multiple projects while avoiding spreading himself too thin.

Lubo also delves into the importance of finding balance in life, highlighting his personal routines like swimming in cold water and focusing on fitness. He stresses that taking care of personal health and well-being is essential for maintaining peak performance in business activities.

Discussing the evolution of his approach, Lubo reflects on how prioritizing health has become an integral part of his business strategy. He notes the difference in energy levels and the need for adjustment as one progresses in their career.

As a self-proclaimed addict to entrepreneurship, Lubo values the role of mentorship and guidance. He seeks expertise from a diverse range of people, including those in YPO and others with varying viewpoints, to continually grow and adapt in his entrepreneurial journey. Lubo's advice to new entrepreneurs centers on the importance of passion for their projects, as it's the driving force that helps navigate through the inevitable challenges and darker days of entrepreneurship.


00:00 Intro

00:06 The Balance Between Persistence and Pivoting

01:49 Exploring Multiple Ideas and Avoiding Spreading Too Thin

02:50 Finding Balance in Work and Personal Life

04:57 The Evolution of Prioritizing Health in Business

05:55 The Addiction to Entrepreneurship

07:24 The Importance of Diverse Perspectives

08:09 Advice for New Entrepreneurs

09:11 Getting in Touch with STRV

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