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11 Year Old Best Selling Author Kashish Kalita
Bonus Episode6th July 2022 • Pursuing Profit with Principles • Regina Partain Bergman
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Do you remember what you were doing when you were 11 years old? Many of us were playing with not too many cares in the world. We probably weren’t thinking about how we could have a long term impact on the world.

While my next guest does enjoy playing with her family and friends, especially volleyball., she is also doing many things to make an impact in the world. Her personal ambition is to make an impact and inspire children across the world to pursue their ambitions. And she is just getting started towards that influencing journey.

Relevant Timestamps:

6:10 - The power of a dream, passion, and determination

8:32 - Actualizing the Dream

12:14 - Trade-offs to success

13:58 - Setting limits and parental support

16:33 - Catalyst to become an author

24:23 - Overcoming challenges and pushing through

30:44 - The value of having a coach

Key Takeaways:

  • Success can come at any age
  • Have a desire to make an impact in the world and look for opportunities to fulfill that desire
  • Perseverance and practice pay off
  • You can be a role model no matter your age
  • There is power in having a coach to help you see the blind spots and hold you accountable to achieving your dreams and desires

Relevant links:

  1. TEDx Talk -

2. Amazon Author page -

3. Website -

4.  Facebook page -

5.  YouTube channel -  

6.  Instagram -

7.  NTV Houston channel, Little Super Stars interview -

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What is coming up on our next episode:

My next bonus session guest is Sanika Datar, a 14 year old high school student who is a recipient of the Presidential Point of Light, an award-winning writer, researcher, Founder of Space for Youth non-profit organization and a Sustainability Ambassador, and much more.



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