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Episode 108: Waterford Whisky Biodynamic Luna 1.1
Episode 10810th September 2022 • Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur • Matt Birchard
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Episode 108 features Biodynamic Luna 1.1 from Waterford Whisky. Bottled in 750ml at 50% ABV, or 100 proof. This retails for $119.

Enjoy this episode with any of the Waterford Whisky offers you can get your hands on!

The official website for Waterford Whisky:

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 2004 - Diageo build the Waterford distillery site as a beer brewery
  • 2015 - Mark Reynier converts the closed brewery into a whisky distillery
  • 2016 - The first distillation goes into casks
  • 2020 - The first releases are made available from Waterford

Key Cocktails:

Drink this neat. Add one or two cubes of ice if you like, but treat it as you would any good Single Malt.


My interview with Neil Conway, Head Brewer for Waterford Whisky.

Whiskey Magazine Interview with Mark Reynier

Biodynamics Manure Horns Downloadable PDF

More detail on Manure Horns Prep and Biodynamic Principles Principles and Practices

Book (pages 120-123): From Barley to Blarney - A Whiskey Lover's Guide to Ireland, presented by the Dead Rabbit, Sean Muldoon, Jack McGarry, Tim Herlihy, and Conor Kelly

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