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How to Go to College Debt Free - with Tanya Targett Camacho
Episode 16211th March 2022 • Teen Catalyst • Ken Eash
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I invited Tanya onto the show to talk about how to go to college debt free.

Often referred to as the "Media Darling" -- I am a former investigative news journalist turned financial & business development strategist. I am a licensed financial professional.

I created 6-figure revenues in my first 6 months, as an entrepreneur (and single mom) and then multiple 6-figures in revenues within my first three years.

My students span 12 countries and have generated over $7.4 million in free publicity appearing in the New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, and on CNN, BBC World News, and FOX — to name a few.

Here's a few of the questions we touched on in the show:

  • How do you select the right college, to maximize your chances of a scholarship / full ride
  • What other things do you need to consider / research
  • How do you minimize your, and your parent's assets, so that you receive maximum FASFA
  • How do you enter the 0% tax bracket and start to build wealth, as soon as you're working
  • How do you become your own bank, so you can fund your own dreams
  • What happens if you take this advice, but decide NOT to go to college?
  • What else can you use your money on? (VERY different to the College 529 Savings Plans)

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