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Ep. 36: Fritz Leopold – Keeping it Real About the Job Search Process
Episode 3613th April 2016 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Fritz Leopold found his way into the recruiting world quite by accident. Since the age of 3, Fritz dreamed of being an architect. Through the process of chasing that dream, he realized it wasn’t as fulfilling as he’d hoped it would be. As new opportunities crossed his path, Fritz realized he needed to pursue his passion for helping others. Along the way, he found himself being invited to be a full time recruiter - and so, he found his true path. Today, Fritz works as a business technology recruiter for McKinsey & Company, where he is able to follow his purpose of helping others.

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Getting to the heart of your dreams.

Although dream chasing required Fritz to start over in an entirely new career, he wouldn’t change a thing. He discusses with Aimee J. the process of finding his purpose in the world of recruiting and what it’s like to make such a huge transition. Fritz shares the realities of making such a shift, including facing the financial challenges that might come with it. He also discusses - with great honesty - why it’s essential to follow your true path, even with the sacrifices it might require. For Fritz, once he found that path, he knew it was right. He explains why that makes the initial sacrifices very worthwhile.

Regret has no place here.

As Fritz delves a bit deeper into the transition process and some of the obstacles he faced, Aimee asks if he has any regrets. Without skipping a beat, Fritz makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in regret. He shares why all experiences are valuable - especially the mistakes. And how we must embrace them as part of learning and growing. He discusses in more detail why you have to be realistic about the fact that shifting gears when it comes to your career means you are starting at the bottom. It’s a humbling experience and one that you must be realistic about before you take the plunge.

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The importance of learning to take feedback.

Another key element to making a career change is learning to take feedback. When you switch careers like Fritz did, there will inevitably be a learning curve. That’s where feedback comes in. Fritz discusses why you must embrace feedback because it is the key to your growth as a person and in your career. Fritz also offers a few tips to help you through the transition process, including some steps to take before you even consider making a change. He also discusses the role of headhunters and how to make sure you work with people who truly have your best interests at heart.

Being a good interviewee - practice makes perfect.

As they close out their chat, Aimee and Fritz discuss the interview process, along with some negotiating tips. When it comes to the interview, says Fritz, the biggest hiccup can be talking about the areas in which you excel. Fritz gives his recommendations on how you can overcome this obstacle (hint: it involves a lot of practice). Fritz also offers his number one piece of advice for fellow dream chasers: Do not be afraid to chase your dreams. Your dreams are what you aspire to be. If you downplay them, you’re never going to be your true self. Don’t run away from your dreams and always be true to yourself.

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  • [0:53] Aimee’s introduction of today’s guest, Fritz Leopold.
  • [2:36] How Fritz transitioned from architecture to recruiting.
  • [4:51] The pivot into recruiting.
  • [8:21] Making the decision to take this huge chance on an entirely new career.
  • [12:59] Do you regret making any of the transitions you’ve made?
  • [15:55] The role of feedback in growth.
  • [19:09] What to do if you’re looking to make a transition.
  • [23:25] When to consider making a change?
  • [26:28] The reality of using headhunters.
  • [38:07] Why you need to take ample time before you answer a job offer.
  • [48:11] Having a plan when you go into negotiations.
  • [50:12] You are interviewing them.
  • [55:52] Be respectful at all times.
  • [59:58] One of the biggest challenges in your resume and in the interview.
  • [1:02:04] What is one thing you would recommend to a dreamchasers?


Do not be afraid to chase your dreams. Your dreams are what you aspire to be. If you downplay them, you’re never going to be your true self. Don’t run away from your dreams and always be true to yourself.


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