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Payroll On-Demand and The Rise Of The Gig Economy with Lilia Stoyanov #137
Episode 13730th January 2024 • The Payroll Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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🎙️ Payroll On-Demand and The Rise Of The Gig Economy" Featuring Lilia Stoyanov

Hosted by Nick Day, join us in this compelling episode where we welcome Lilia Stoyanov, CEO of Transformify and a fintech and digital transformation expert, to the show. Lilia brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion on the evolving landscape of payroll in the gig economy.

🌐 In This Episode:

  1. Lilia shares her expansive view on what payroll means in today's economy.
  2. Insights into how the gig economy is reshaping the payroll sector.
  3. We delve into the complexities of managing payroll for gig workers.
  4. Identifying which sectors benefit most from this rising trend.
  5. A look into the legal aspects of freelance and gig work.
  6. Discussing the pitfalls of incorrectly categorising workers.
  7. Exploring what drives the shift in worker expectations.
  8. Final thoughts for those managing payroll in the gig economy.

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