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A Strength-Based Approach to Advising Multi-Generational Family Enterprises with Jeff Strese
Episode 1529th January 2023 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Jeff Strese is an Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Coach focusing on multi-generational family enterprises, corporations, and mission-driven nonprofit organizations. He has more than 25 years of experience working across industries in the areas of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and family dynamics. 


[00:01 - 10:19] Navigating Generational Wealth Transfer

  • The generational wealth transfer between baby boomers and either Gen Z or millennials is happening in real-time right now
  • There is a skill gap in the mid to more senior-level professionals that need qualitative skills 
  • Advisors need to have the skills to know when and how to refer to communication and family dynamics


[10:20 - 25:04] Assessing Wealth and Wellness in Family Enterprises

  • Family Office Exchange developed a family advisor training program
  • Organizations need to develop people holistically or risk losing talent
  • Beneficiary prep is a holistic journey, not just about trust and estate or entity taxation
  • Look for credible sources such as authors, presenters, or certification programs


[25:05 - 33:58] Examining the Positive Trends in Family Enterprises and Leadership Development

  • Bringing in a third-party vendor to audit the family system can provide valuable insight
  • Mental health issues are becoming destigmatized, leading to more focus on wellbeing 
  • Leadership development, talent training, and advisor development are key areas of focus
  • Optimism is the set point when it comes to the direction of families and enterprises 


[33:59 - 35:25] Closing Segment




“ It's also not difficult to find out what is credible out there. There's a lot of stuff out there in any discipline that you can imagine.” - Jeff Strese


“Sometimes we need to go through hard things to come through the other side more empathic, more enlightened, and more inclusive.” - Jeff Strese


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