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The Tech Chef - Skip Kimpel EPISODE 2, 16th June 2020
TCP002 : Working Remotely
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TCP002 : Working Remotely

Show Notes:       

Today’s show will cover the subject of working remotely.  This is not an industry specific topic so please share with your friends and colleagues!


FSTEC – Are you going?  Any other restaurant industry-based conferences that you have heard of that are back on for this year?

Approaching working remotely from two different aspects:

-  As an employee – Equipment, etiquette, tools to make you more successful

-  As an IT professional responsible for the mobile workforce

Video Conferencing:


-       Mute yourself when not speaking.

-       Be on time.

-       Ensure your technology works correctly.

-       Wear work-appropriate clothing.

-       Frame the camera correctly.

-       Have the right light.

-       Look into the camera.

-       Pay attention.

Lume Lights for making you look better:


Green Screen

Chair Mounted Green Screen


Promaster 6x7 Pop-up Background Green/Blue


Remote Video Conferences Security

-       Password protect your meetings

-       Authenticate users

-       Join before host

-       Lock down your meeting

-       Use a randomly-generated id

-       Avoid file sharing

-       Check for updates

Great video conferencing software feature comparison chart on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_conferencing_software

Security plan for an individual

-       Protect devices with an antivirus solution

-       Update programs and operating systems

-       Configure wi-fi encryption

-       Change your router login and password (no defaults)

-       Use a VPN service if connecting to a wi-fi network that doesn’t below to you

o  Express VPN: https://www.expressvpn.com

o  SufShark:  https://surfshark.com

-       Lock your device before walking away

-       User corporate services for e-mail, messaging and all other work

-       Create strong passwords

-       Stay vigilant / email links, credentials, unusual requests.. double check everything

-       Keep your work separate from personal

General individual good practices

-       Track your progress – be ready to report on what you ‘ve done and how much time it took

-       Try to work normal office hours

-       Create a comfortable workspace – desk, well lit room, standing up, stretch your legs, drink water, get plenty of sleep and don’t skip meals.

-       Be transparent and communicate everything

For those that are running departments and responsible for your remote workers:

-       Make sure that staff know what to do if their device is lost or stolen. 

-       Work schedule policies and expectations must be communicated 

-       Encouraging Collaboration Keeps Teams Engaged

More to the techy side of the conversation

Making the appropriate tools available for users

-        infrastructure to the cloud

o  Servers

o  Azure / AWS

o  SaaS applications

o  Office365


Observed security activity: (covid-19 themed operations and schemes)

-       eCrime

-       Targeted intrusion

-       Targeting remote services, SaaS

-       Vishing Robocall and Tech support scams

General security tactics and solutions

Crowdstrike whitepaper: https://go.crowdstrike.com/rs/281-OBQ-266/images/eBookCybersecurityCOVID-19.pdf

-       Make sure you have a current cybersecurity policy that includes remote working. 

-       Sensitive data may be accessed through unsafe Wi-Fi networks. 

-       Plan for BYOD (bring your own device) devices connecting to your organization 

-       Personal devices will need to have the same level of security as a company-owned device

o  User MDM solution

Vulnerability management with a distributed workforce

-       Scanning remote systems

-       Agent based vulnerability assessment

-       Find a best in class endpoint protection and deep visibility into vulnerabilities

Patch management

o  Create a dedicated vulnerability management team

o  Deploy patch prioritization and automation tools

Securing remote workforces:

-       Reducing exposure with vulnerability risk management

-       Hardening remote user endpoints

-       Protect your collaboration platforms

In closing:

That is a lot of content to take in in such a short amount of time!

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-       Next week’s show, we are going to talking with Danielle Guzzetta, Senior Vice President of Growth Hacking for Smokey Bones.