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28th February 2018 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Description Incrementum is a Latin word which can be translated into English to mean Growth. Incrementum is all about interviewing aspirational, inspiring individuals that are always trying to grow and develop. I hope to find out what makes them so motivated and dedicated


Opinion The intro music was kind of pointless. You didn't explain what the show is about, and when you went to introduce your guest instead of telling us all of the accolades you decided to keep them secret and let your guest inform the listener. You did explain somewhat what they did, so we knew he has some experience. Then when it came time to interview you, guest, you gave him full control of the interview and asked him to "Give a summary of your life." Your audience doesn't care about Mathew's childhood until we find out what Matthew can do for us. We don't care about his uncle or his rock collection. I'm assuming your podcast is about business growth. You know what Matthew has done, you know what your audience wants to hear, and I made it three minutes in and I hadn't heard anything that was going to help me, and I didn't find the stories that entertaining.

So you might have started off with, "How did you land a job at (the famous company that you didn't announce at the beginning of the show). You gave him too much room, and he's down a rabbit hole that the new listener could care less. You could've also (as you've already done the interview) told the audience, "Wait till you hear what Matthew says about _ it is going to change the way you look at _." You don't get on a bus without knowing where you're going. When you get on a bus, the driver better have a uniform, and then you go to where the bus is designated to go. With a podcast, the beginning of the show should explain where you are going today, you might explain who you are and why we should listen to you (your uniformed bus driver) and then steer the bus in the right direction.

You're only four episodes in, so don't feel bad. Many people start off this way, and it's not horrible, but if you could get to the same destination quicker wouldn't you want to?

Your audio needs some help. Not horrible, but on a scale of 1-10 it's about a 6.5. This can be solved by getting closer to your microphone and using a pop filter. I recommend an audio Technica ATR2100 or if you are in the UK a Samson Q2U. Just turn the gain down so your recording level is between -6 and -12 and then talk across (not directly into) the microphone to avoid "popping" P's and B's.

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