Venture Capital Pros and Cons with Will McGivern-Smith
Episode 5121st October 2021 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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While eye-popping capital rounds make headlines, sometimes smaller is better when it comes to venture fundraising. Will McGivern-Smith, Chief Strategy Officer of TrueData joined Patrick and Shelli to discuss what questions to answer for your business when considering venture capital. Understanding the type of company you’re building, the problem you’re solving and the total addressable market is a good place to start. 

Listen in to get Will’s take on what factors to weigh when looking for the best fundraising partner, how to nail your pitch by keeping it simple, and what motivates different types of investors

  • (01:13) - Will’s origins
  • (08:02) - TrueData’s start
  • (11:18) - The pros and cons of venture capital
  • (14:39) - Smaller versus larger funds
  • (19:59) - Series A, B, and C funding
  • (28:08) - Investor focal points
  • (30:14) - K.I.S.S.
  • (33:29) - Finding the right network of people
  • (36:21) - Being vulnerable with mentors

Will McGivern-Smith is the Chief Strategy Officer of TrueData and brings an emphasis on desktop and mobile activation, optimization, and analytics. Prior to joining TrueData, Will worked at Nielsen Catalina Solutions for five years, shaping and growing a diverse set of functions including Data Science, Product, Business Development and Sales. Will holds a BA in Economics from Carleton College, and an MS in Predictive Analytics/Data Science from Northwestern University.

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