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The BIG Commercial Real Estate Episode
Episode 7630th September 2022 • The Higher Standard • Chris Naghibi & Saied Omar
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According to a recent article from Bloomberg, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the US economy may be entering a 'new normal' following disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic during a Fed Listens event in Washington last week. He outlined the "unusual set of disruptions'' the Fed is dealing with, and reiterated a commitment to help the economy through a "uniquely challenging period." The real question is, as warm and fuzzy as these 'Fed Listens' seem to be, do they have any effect on actual monetary policy? Is it a genuine attempt to listen to business and community leaders, or is simply an academic in good PR? As you might expect, Chris and Saied have some thoughts...

In today's episode of The Higher Standard, Chris and Saied take a deep-dive into real estate, particularly commercial real estate, covering subjects such as the recently raised Federal Funds Rate and some of the more obscure inner workings of multi-family and commercial real estate.

They explore an article from stating that Keller Williams is looking to train their agents as wealth advisors going forward, and the implications of that kind of move on the real estate industry.

Chris and Saied look at mortgage rates and why they're very unlikely to come down in the near term, thanks to the current yield curve inversion that has been the precursor to nearly every recessionary economy in history.

They also discuss multi-family and commercial real estate issues, such as the definition of a 'loan amount,' why the barrier to entry in commercial real estate is so high, and how long it usually takes to close a multi-family deal.

If you have burning questions about commercial real estate, this is the episode you've been waiting for! Join Chris and Saied for this fascinating conversation.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Why the Federal Reserve recently increased the Federal Funds Rate and how it will impact mortgage interest rates.
  • The case for ensuring real estate agents have a solid economic understanding of the products they're selling, and the possible perils of going down that road.
  • The reasons why mortgage rates are not likely to come down in the near term, due to upward pressure on the long end of the yield curve.
  • Why real estate investing is the common source of wealth in the country.
  • And so much more...


"Keller Williams Aims to Train Agents as Wealth Advisors" (article from

"Powell says Economy May be Entering ‘New Normal’ After Pandemic" (article from Bloomberg)