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Interview With ASMR Performance Artist And Co-Founder Of Whisperlodge, Melinda Lauw – Part 2
Episode 6617th February 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In the second part of my interview with Melinda Lauw, we continue our conversation about ASMR. In the first part, we really had a chance to dive into what ASMR is and what it looks like to create ASMR experiences - both in person and online. Now, we're talking more about the commercial side of ASMR and where ASMR is starting to show up in more mainstream media.

We discuss:

  • What it looks like to do this work with advertisers
  • How Melinda partnered with a hotel and doing events with the hotel
  • Creating videos with Moxie hotels - Melinda gives her expertise and creates scripts for the hotels
  • Most of her gigs have been in conjunction with in person events
  • Melinda has been hired as the consultant for different companies when they're looking to create ASMR content
  • The different parameters she has to work within when doing consulting work
  • The balance between the purpose of the ad or gig and being true to ASMR
  • Melinda shares some of her experiences with different advertising companies
  • ASMR forces people to pay attention to the little details
  • The growth of the ASMR community online
  • The continued waves of ASMR
  • How ASMR is becoming much more accessible to everyone
  • How ASMR is free and so accessible because of its online presence
  • The possibility of making money in ASMR, especially with YouTube
  • The pushback when people do try to monetize ASMR
  • The selective nature in finding the right brand sponsorship - they want to find sponsorships that are in alignment with ASMR
  • Melinda doesn’t like watching ASMR videos with ads in the middle because it ruins the experience (I don't blame her at all!)
  • Tastefully adding in ads and how to make them in the same vein as ASMR
  • Melinda’s currently working on a live stream and the exhibit in Europe doing a live exhibit on ASMR
  • Melinda’s work creating videos for her YouTube channel
  • How she’ll be experimenting with different types and ways to make videos


If you want to find out more about Melinda, you can find her through the following:

Find out more about Whisperlodge:

See a video of an immersive live ASMR performance either on Netflix's Follow This, Part 1, Episode 1

Or on Mashable

Check out our ASMR videos:

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