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Increasing Your Productivity And Capacity As An Advisor with Libby Greiwe
Episode 9818th January 2023 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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Today on Bridging The Gap, I’m joined by Libby Greiwe, ChFC, RICP, FIC. Libby is a speaker, financial advisor coach, and host of The Efficient Advisor podcast. This episode kicks off with Libby sharing her career aspirations to become a rocket scientist and how her life took a turn for the better when she entered the financial industry. 

With Libby, we go back to the basics about the importance of understanding the foundation of your processes within your firm. Libby dives into the six layers she refers to as the Systems to Scale Framework. We also discuss how to overcome feeling robotic within your systems and processes, the meaning behind a rapid-fire power hour, and the secret to being more productive.

Libby Greiwe Bio:

Do you ever wish you knew an Advisor who built a 7-figure practice--while only working 3 days a week--that was willing to share her systems, processes, and business hacks with you? Meet the Efficient Advisor Podcast host Libby Greiwe. Her specialty? Breaking down the functions of a financial planning practice into actionable step-by-step processes designed to get you results and get you out of overwhelm.

Expert interviews, done-for-you templates, and easy to implement solutions… all tied together by her MISSION to create ease in your business. She promises to deliver actionable step-by-step solutions you can implement right away to save time, money, and frustration. The goal--to lead you from overwhelm to efficiency.

She started her own financial planning business in 2004. And, over the years she scaled into a 7-figure single-advisor firm while working only 25-hours a week so she could be super involved while raising her kiddos and loving on her hubby. She knows what it takes to build a 100% referral-only practice and to not have to GRIND out the hours to be successful.

She ran her own planning business for 16 years culminating in a sale & retirement in 2019. Now, she’s simply just obsessed with helping other amazing advisors do the same thing.

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