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#56: Myles Madden - Transitioning From Lead Gen To Demand Gen
Episode 193rd October 2022 • The B2B Playbook • Kevin Chen & George Coudounaris
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Theory doesn’t beat practical experience.

But better than either is both!

This week, we’re lucky enough to have Myles Madden on the show. He’s someone who’s been at the forefront of both. Learning from the best who led the demand generation movement in the states during his time at Refine Labs, and now executing inhouse what he’s learnt on the agency side.

We’ve learnt a lot from chatting with him and we certainly hope our listeners will gain a lot from hearing first hand what it’s like to implement the things we talk about every week on the podcast and with our 5 Be’s framework.

Some key highlights:

  • Creating demand is creating desire, not some tactical changes.
  • Have a story to help get buy in from the rest of the business.
  • There’s a role for good agencies, not just in execution.
  • Demand creation is not easy, but it’s what you have to do for long term success.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring in creatives and give them the reins when they have the insights you have.
  • Educate yourself outside of marketing. It will only make your marketing better!

Tune into this week’s episode for more!

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