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"My God, we are all trying our best:" Crisis in Veterinary Care
Episode 3712th October 2021 • The Hingham 'Cast • Ally Donnelly
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"I couldn't be treated like an abused woman every day of my life anymore:" former veterinary care staffer

Millions of people got new pets in the pandemic and the surge of new patients is stressing an already stressed system. Veterinarians offices are struggling to keep up with the flood of cases, pushing pet owners to other offices and animal hospitals. Staff shortages, staff burnout and some pet owners taking out their frustrations on veterinary staff are taking a toll. "It's like being a workhorse, and you're just continuously being beaten down every day," said one public-facing staffer at a Boston-area animal hospital. The struggle is unfolding in an industry that is already buckling from a serious mental health crisis in its ranks. One Boston veterinarian said, "I think, realistically, we have to call it a crisis. As an emergency doctor, we don't like to use that term lightly. But the influx of patients is not going away."

Guests: Dr. Jeanne Ficociello, VCA South Shore Animal Hospital; Dr. Megan Whalen, MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center; Lenore Walker, former veterinary referral coordinator; Pet owner Laura Winters.




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