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Producing Success in Vegas! Guest: Stephanie Sidela
Episode 17031st August 2022 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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EVERY radio brand could benefit from having its own STEPHANIE SIDELA!

As Executive Producer for the Award-Winning MERCEDES IN THE MORNING SHOW on Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas, Steph is not just any large market superstar.

Before moving to Vegas, she was at 96.5 WTIC in Hartford, handling the Craig and Company show with Gary Craig and Christine Lee. This was followed by a great stint with iHeart/San Diego.

Being in Vegas, she’s exceptionally skilled at finding and booking celebrity guests and keeping the show organized. She's also is a master at social media, Event Management, and in her ‘spare’ time, she’s a burgeoning choreographer!

As you'll hear, Stephanie brings her outstanding attitude, work ethic, energy, and attention to detail to radio—and provides pointers which ANY show in ANY sized market can learn from!

Key Takeaways You Won't Want to Miss:

(01:30) Steph shares how the MERCEDES IN THE MORNING SHOW works on Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas, and dissects her dual role as producer and ‘third mic’. (Spoiler alert: there’s a lot more, too!)

(03:15) Anybody who wants to become a producer, HIRE a producer, or make a case to management why you NEED one won’t want to miss these insights!

(04:04)  Stephanie shares one SECRET TO RADIO SECURITY, which some people just don’t seem to ‘get’.

(05:30) Steph offers some survival tips for shows that DON’T HAVE A PRODUCER!

(09:57) The job of the producer at a top-tiered radio show continues to evolve. Steph shares how she sees it changing in the future.

One Minute Martinizing - How to STEAL (the show...even if it's yours!)

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