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TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants - Richard Tubb EPISODE 75, 7th June 2020
[75] Building the Ultimate All-in-One Solution for MSPs
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[75] Building the Ultimate All-in-One Solution for MSPs

In this episode, Richard talks to Gil Pekelman, founder and CEO of cloud-based IT management platform Atera, which provides an all-in-one solution for MSPs and IT support personnel. 

They talk about how Atera started and why they’re different, the company culture and why Network Discovery is so important for MSPs. They also discuss the new Atera mobile app, lessons learned from being a CEO and why Gil is committed to supporting military veterans get back into work. 

Richard and Gil mentioned the following companies during their conversation: 

You can find out more about Atera via their website: www.atera.com, or reach out to Gil directly: Gil@Atera.com