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Podcast Interview Mastery - Tibor Nagy EPISODE 11, 20th October 2020
#11 Developing a Listener-Centric Mindset for Interview Success with Tim Wohlberg
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#11 Developing a Listener-Centric Mindset for Interview Success with Tim Wohlberg

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1 – Learn how to develop a listener-centric mindset for interview success.

2 – Learn more about the importance of the first question in an interview and why “Tell us about yourself” is not a question!

3 – Learn more about the importance of self-control as an interviewer and how to incorporate silence in your interviews so that you make them more powerful.


The Power of Now – A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle: https://amzn.to/2H33CRB


You might think that being a class clown is all about being the center of attention. Tim Wohlberg never saw it that way.

Growing up, he loved to make people laugh. It was their laughter that inspired his antics. When it came time to choose a career, radio drew him in. It wasn’t because he loved the sound of his own voice, it was because he felt that radio served an important purpose - to inform the public, keep people company, or at least give them some sweet tunes to air-guitar too.

After 25+ years in the radio biz (and plenty of accolades and awards under his belt), Tim decided to turn his attention to a new audience - podcasters. He quickly realized that his life-long philosophy applied to this new medium too. If you focus on the listener, you win.

Now, through his podcast, “Just the Tip from your Podcast Performance Coach” and his 1-on-1 coaching, Tim helps podcasters truly connect with their ideal audience so that they can grow their authority and convert sales with ease.

His clients’ successes are proof that podcasting is good for business when you quit clowning around. Learn more at podcastperformancecoach.com


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