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Innovative Tools That’ll Define The Future of Self-Storage Investing with Tyler Sellars
Episode 5120th May 2024 • Truly Passive Income • Truly Passive LLC
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Turn challenges into opportunities for growth with Tyler Sellars as he unveils how strategic shifts and embracing technology have allowed him to thrive in a fluctuating market. Press play to discover the secrets to managing a global investment portfolio and making data-driven decisions to elevate your own real estate ventures today.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [04:20] Advantages of self-storage investment over traditional residential properties
  • [14:51] The impact of geographical flexibility on investment opportunities and lifestyle
  • [21:07] Risks and rewards of development vs. acquisition in self-storage
  • [26:09] High interest rates and their effect on storage facility operations
  • [33:16] The role of innovative technology in managing self-storage investments from abroad

Resources mentioned in this episode

Ready to revolutionize your real estate game? Go to and gain a deep understanding of your self-storage investments' performance while seamlessly managing your financials.

About Tyler Sellars

Tyler is a Canadian entrepreneur based in Spain, currently serving as the CEO of He has been investing in self-storage for three years and in real estate for six. Tyler's journey began in 2018, shortly after graduating from college, when he posted a heartfelt plea on Instagram seeking a down payment to secure a 7-bedroom rooming house. This successful acquisition kickstarted his investment journey. 

Despite early challenges, including a global pandemic that complicated the real estate market, Tyler's strategic decisions led to significant growth. Eventually, at 27, he sold all his properties and shifted his focus to the self-storage industry, founding This venture quickly became a leading name in the storage industry with three locations and expanded services, including third-party management and franchising options. Tyler attributes his success to the foundational support from his first investors and a relentless pursuit of innovative business strategies.

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