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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 14, 4th May 2021
Clubhouse vs Podcasts
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Clubhouse vs Podcasts

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In this episode of PodOn, Julian and TJ talk about a very hot topic in the podcasting industry, Clubhouse! What is all the fuss about, how does it work and how can podcasts and Clubhouse work together? Will it take over the audio industry? Should I do my podcast in a Clubhouse format? Join this conversation to get the answers to these questions and learn why TJ and Julian definitely think Clubhouse and podcasts will be working together instead of competing against each other. 

Jump straight into:

(00:52) - What is Clubhouse and why it’s received so much attention - “It was just such a great opportunity to get different people's perspectives on a particular topic.”

(02:37) - Clubhouse vs. podcasting? Will they be competing? - “I definitely think it has staying power, but I think there's going to be more of a complementary aspect to it.”

(03:44) - Team play! How podcasts and Cubhouse can complement each other - “Something that people can do is if you release on a Tuesday, having a Clubhouse on a Thursday or Friday to ask any outstanding questions. It really is just a good way to interact with your audience in real-time.”

(05:46) - Why Clubhouse can’t replicate what is done in a podcast format - “It’s like comparing Netflix to zoom and thinking that zoom is going to take over Netflix.”

(07:03) - Audio quality, disruptions, and other considerations - “You have to think if that is the best use of Clubhouse; just to have a conversation and talk at people versus the benefit of bringing others on stage to voice their opinions.”

(08:40) - The big takeaway: Make them work together! - “If you put your heart and soul into podcasting, you're going to see the benefits of that while working with your audience on Clubhouse.”

(09:40) - Julian and TJ’s predictions for the future of Clubhouse - “I think there's going to be an interesting way in which Clubhouse can tie into podcasting. For example, where you can do a Q&A and you can upload that directly to your podcasting feed.”


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