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Why Going Full Time Should Never Be The Number One Goal For Entrepreneurs
Episode 228th May 2023 • Side Checks • Amy Schmidt
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Working for yourself full time can be terrific. However, it should never be your number one goal when building or operating your business. Inside the world of creative entrepreneurship being “full-time” can feel like THE stamp of success. When in reality, there are so many other ways to run a profitable, successful business before it’s “full-time”. 

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

Let’s challenge what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. Spoiler alert; it has nothing to do with the amount of hours clocked. It also has nothing to do with how much income we earn. And everything to do with how we earn that income.

  • My past experience feeling pressured into being a “full-time” business owner
  • How going full time hurt my business and twisted my concept of success
  • How “full-time” is NOT an entrepreneurial term but a corporation term
  • What happens when you making going full time your #1 goal
  • What your #1 goal inside business should always be…

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