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Investments: The Strength Training Component of Financial Training Plan
Episode 2510th May 2023 • Money Mile • Justin Waller
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Thinking about investments can feel daunting in the same way that strength training can. When you finish listening to this episode you’ll feel empowered to think about investments as a way to help you build wealth. 

In the same way that strength training will help you get faster, your investments will help you race toward financial independence. Listen in to hear how you can use investments to improve your financial strength. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • How investments are like interval training [2:42]
  • How stocks work [4:32]
  • How bonds work [8:43]
  • Cash allows for flexibility [9:31]
  • Crypto and real estate [10:40]
  • The homework [11:58]

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