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154: ‘Construction is Sick’, with Jim Walker
Episode 1549th April 2024 • TRXL • Evan Troxel
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Jim Walker joins the podcast to talk about the systemic problems plaguing the construction industry and the parallels in architecture and engineering.

Jim brings over 20 years of experience in general contracting and project management across North America from sweeping floors at construction sites to working for major firms like PCL and EllisDon.

Our conversation highlights the industry's evolution towards digital transformation, increasing complexity and, yet in many ways, inefficiency. But more importantly, we discuss the concept of construction being 'sick', the adversarial nature of traditional contract models, toxic work environments, health issues among workers, the value of the blue collar work and the trades, pros and cons of different project delivery models, risk and reward, and more.

Overall, the episode encapsulates a critical analysis of the construction industry's challenges and potential paths forward through innovation and systemic change.

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