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Kathy Hagler - Healing from wounds. The Art of Scars.
18th October 2021 • Resilience Unravelled • Russell Thackeray
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Kathy Hagler partners with organsations through good times, crises, challenges, and obstacles, and helps to move their culture, climate, and character forward with clear vision, strategic intent, and success in an everchanging world. She says that organisations are similar to human beings - both have wounds and, like people, organisations can break and can heal. 

We all carry wounds in our bodies, minds, and spirits that can hinder our lives at work and at home. Using her own journey, the philosophy of wabi-sabi and the Japanese art of kintsugi, Kathy helps pinpoint the root of pain, suffering and distress in an organisation and its people and then transforms it by by building character, trustworthiness, and resilience.