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288 | "The Trojan Horse Strategy" with Mohammad Noshad from Shyld AI
Episode 28815th December 2023 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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👉 AI Transforming Healthcare: Mohammad Noshad shares his journey from academia to AI entrepreneurship, emphasizing Shyld AI's mission to enhance healthcare processes with edge AI.

👉 Learning from Failure: Mohammad reflects on his first business, a hardware venture, highlighting lessons learned in customer feedback, iteration, and the importance of strategic partnerships.

👉 Shyld AI's Trojan Horse: Exploring the Trojan horse strategy, Mohammad unveils Shyld AI's initial focus on infection prevention, detailing the integration of UV disinfection and the device's pivotal role in healthcare automation.

Episode Summary:

Mohammad Noshad, CEO of Shyld AI, takes us through his entrepreneurial journey, beginning with academic pursuits and culminating in the creation of Shyld AI. The conversation delves into the lessons learned from Mohammad's first business, emphasizing the significance of customer feedback and strategic partnerships. The focus then shifts to Shyld AI's innovative approach to healthcare, addressing the critical need for infection prevention. The episode concludes with insights into the future vision of Shyld AI, aiming to revolutionize medical documentation and augment physician practices through the power of AI.


00:00 Intro

00:08 Mohammad's Journey to Entrepreneurship

01:41 Lessons from the First Business

02:34 The Importance of Customer Feedback and Iteration

04:35 The Birth of Shyld AI

05:51 The Trojan Horse Method

06:34 The UV Detection Device

08:25 The Future of Shyld AI

09:21 How to Connect with Shyld AI

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