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Seeking Sustainability LIVE Japan - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 103, 18th September 2020
Vegan Activist in Tokyo | Nadia McKechnie
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Vegan Activist in Tokyo | Nadia McKechnie

Nadia McKechnie is a Tokyo-based plant-based food + lifestyle activist who organizes events and consults with businesses and government officials on the benefits of plant-based offerings for people and the planet.

Watch the video of the interview with Nadia McKechnie here

Originally from the UK, Nadia often introduces trends abroad in comparison with options and hurdles in Japan. She is an animal-rights activist who believes it is not only bad for the environment and our society to continue with the current meat-industry situation, but it is also cruel to the animals who live in horrible conditions.

Find an interesting talk about the benefits of changing to a plant-based lifestyle on her website and social media.